Safety and tolerability profile of Esbriet (pirfenidone)

SAFETY: Safety data were obtained from 1247 patients in 3 randomized, controlled trials 1

*Includes abdominal pain, upper abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and stomach discomfort.

  • The most common adverse reactions (>1%) leading to discontinuation were rash and nausea
  • In clinical trials, elevated liver enzymes, photosensitivity reactions, and gastrointestinal disorders have been reported with Esbriet


TOLERABILITY: Some adverse reactions with Esbriet occurred early and/or decreased over time 1


Long-term, open-label, phase 3 extension study

Follow-up safety data available for up to 6.7 years 18

  • In a long-term, open-label extension of the phase 3 studies, 1058 patients with IPF were exposed to Esbriet for a median of 88 weeks/1.7 years (range, >0 to 349 weeks/6.7 years) with the primary objective of obtaining additional safety data for Esbriet 2403 mg/day
  • 40.4% (n=427) completed the study, with an overall discontinuation rate of 59.2% (n=626)
    • The most frequent adverse drug reactions were nausea (21.6%), diarrhea (12.3%), and rash (11.6%)
    • The most common treatment-emergent serious adverse events were IPF (21.7%) and pneumonia (8.5%)
    • 42% (n=444) discontinued due to treatment-emergent adverse events, including 16.8% (n=178) who discontinued due to IPF
  • Care should be exercised when interpreting open-label results due to the inability to minimize bias. The data represented are not designed to establish the long-term safety or tolerability profile for Esbriet

Adverse drug reactions are defined as adverse events judged by the investigator as possibly or probably related to pirfenidone.
Treatment-emergent adverse events are defined as all events that occurred from the first dose of pirfenidone through 28 days after the last dose in the long-term, open-label, phase 3 extension study.



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