Options to start and maintain patients on Esbriet

Start patients with Esbriet 267 mg tablets 1

  • Conduct liver function tests prior to initiating treatment with Esbriet and periodically thereafter
  • Titrate patients to the recommended daily dosage of three 267 mg tablets or capsules TID with meals over a 14-day period

Maintain patients on Esbriet with just one 801 mg tablet 3 times a day 1

  • After the full dose of three 267 mg tablets or capsules TID is well tolerated, transition patients to one 801 mg tablet TID for a maintenance option with fewer pills per day

TID=three times a day.
*Tablets are not shown at actual size.

  • Esbriet tablets and capsules are bioequivalent

Dosing recommendations 1

  • Esbriet should be taken with meals at the same time each day to help decrease side effects such as nausea and dizziness
  • Dose modification due to drug interactions may be necessary in patients taking strong or moderate CYP1A2 inhibitors
  • Dosages above 2403 mg/day are not recommended for any patient


Transition your patients to Esbriet 801 mg tablets in 3 steps

Your patients may be ready for Esbriet 801 mg tablets when 1

  • Tolerating full dose (three 267 mg tablets or capsules TID)
  • Interested in maintenance dose with fewer pills

3 steps to transition your patients

  1. Complete a new Statement of Medical Necessity (SMN) form and check the “Esbriet 801 mg” box
  2. Fax the SMN form to Esbriet Access Solutions at 1-844-372-7444
  3. New 801 mg prescription will be filled as soon as possible by the appropriate specialty pharmacy

If your patient’s prior authorization (PA) is still valid, another PA is likely not needed. Contact Esbriet Access Solutions at 1-844-ESBRIET (1-844-372-7438) or visit Genentech-Access.com/Esbriet for more information.

Reminders for your patients

  • Talk to their specialty pharmacy about when to fill their 801 mg prescriptions
  • Always take Esbriet with meals 1
  • Take Esbriet only as prescribed

Your Esbriet Clinical Coordinator can help your patients get started on Esbriet
Call the Esbriet Support Team at 1-844-My-ESBRIET and select option 3



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