Comprehensive support for patients

The Esbriet ® Inspiration Program is a free resource designed to build on the care you provide by helping your patients throughout their treatment journey

When patients sign up for support, they will receive:

  • An option to connect live for in-person IPF education with an Esbriet Clinical Coordinator*
    • Esbriet Clinical Coordinators offer in-person educational sessions to help your patients have a successful start on Esbriet
    • These specially trained healthcare professionals can also educate your staff about IPF and Esbriet
  • Ongoing support and information about living with IPF
    • Explaining treatment goals and what to expect with therapy
    • Providing tips on managing possible side effects
    • Helping patients understand their coverage for Esbriet and financial support options that may be available
  • 24/7 Nurse Support Line to help answer patients' questions about IPF and Esbriet

*Clinical Coordinators are Genentech employees who educate about IPF and Esbriet. They do not provide medical advice to patients. If patients have questions about their health or treatment, they are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider. In-person education may occur at a public location (eg, library, community center) or in your office at the patient’s request.
These services are at no cost to you, patients, or payers.

Remind patients that important phone calls are coming their way when they sign up for support

Encourage your patients to sign up for the Esbriet® Inspiration Program

It’s simple for patients to sign up

  • Complete Section 3 of the Patient Consent Form (this replaces the PAN form) or
  • Call 1-844-My-ESBRIET (1-844-693-7274) and press 3 to speak with a Clinical Coordinator

PAN=Patient Authorization and Notice of Request for Transmission of Health Information to Genentech Access Solutions and Genentech Patient Foundation.




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