Downloadable resources about IPF and Esbriet (pirfenidone) for your practice and patients

Information and tools designed to support you and your patients

The following materials can be downloaded or printed and can help answer questions about Esbriet treatment, patient management, and patient support. 

  • Esbriet Prescribing Information

    Download this form to learn more about Esbriet prescribing information, including indications and usage, dosage, administration, and more.

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  • Prescriber Service Form

    Healthcare providers should complete this form to enroll patients in coverage, reimbursement, and financial assistance services from Genentech. This form is used to collect the patient's health insurance and treatment information. A completed Patient Consent form is also required.

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  • Patient Consent Form

    To enroll patients in coverage, reimbursement, and financial assistance services from Genentech, this form and the Prescriber Service need to be completed by the patient and gives permission for Genentech to work with you and the patient's health insurance plan.

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  • Esbriet Information Kit

    Share this with your patients to help them learn more about an IPF diagnosis, Esbriet as a treatment option, and the various patient support options available.

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  • Starting on Esbriet - Patient Brochure

    The detailed patient brochure will help your patients understand an IPD diagnosis, what to expect from treatment with Esbriet, how to manage certain side effects, the various support options available, and the option to use the Esbriet dose tracker to stay on track with their therapy.

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  • Clinical Education Manager Contact Card

    Your patients can contact a team of our clinical educators for free face-to-face patient education about IPF, what to expect with treatment, and financial support options.

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  • What’s Next Brochure

    Walk your patients through what to expect after being prescribed Esbriet, including important actions and information.

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