Esbriet (pirfenidone) dosing can become part of your patients’ daily habits 2

Esbriet should be taken with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing patients to develop habits around their mealtimes and help mitigate GI AEs

Start patients on Esbriet with 267 mg tablets

  • Conduct liver function tests prior to initiating treatment with Esbriet and periodically thereafter
  • Titrate patients to the recommended daily dosage of three 267 mg tablets or capsules TID with meals over a 14-day period

TID=three times a day.

Dosing recommendations

  • Esbriet should be taken with meals at the same time each day to help decrease side effects such as nausea and dizziness
  • Dose modification due to drug interactions may be necessary in patients taking strong or moderate CYP1A2 inhibitors
  • Dosages above 2403 mg/day are not recommended for any patient

Strategies to help patients build Esbriet into their usual routines

  • Taking Esbriet with meals at the same times each day can help patients keep a regular schedule
  • Patients can set a timer or alarm to remember to take their next dose
  • 267-mg tablets are designed to help titrate patients up to the full dose of Esbriet

Maintain patients on Esbriet with just one 801-mg tablet 3 times a day

  • After the full dose of three 267-mg tablets or capsules TID is well tolerated, transition patients to one 801-mg tablet TID for a maintenance option with fewer pills per day
  • Esbriet tablets and capsules are bioequivalent

Tablets are not shown at actual size.